July 2, 2020

Utegration announces bonus and salary hike to India-based employees

Utegration, a Houston-based full-service SAP consulting and solutions company focused on the North American utilities industry, has reinforced optimism for its India-based employees with the announcement of a double-digit salary raise and a 110% bonus payout on the corporate achievement category for the 2019 calendar year results. The company has a 130+ member offshore team based in Bangalore, India.The COVID-19 pandemic is having an unprecedented impact on working hours and earnings, gripping the job market with uncertainty. The stance by Utegration shows a commitment to investing in its employees for the long term even during difficult times. Additionally, the company is implementing innovative skill enhancement initiatives to strengthen the capability base.

Utility companies, known for their preparedness to take on the challenges posed by natural disasters, are facing a perplexing situation. With no clarity on when things will normalize, the key challenge lies in ensuring that critical lifeline services are not interrupted. As businesses operate with remote and reduced staffing, while also responding to residential consumption surges, the need to be agile, efficient and provide great customer satisfaction are key priorities for utilities. As a talent and service-centric company, Utegration is well positioned to help its utility clients achieve these key priorities.
Given its rich experience base and a passion for helping utilities achieve success, Utegration is uniquely positioned to gauge the potential impacts and maximize the potential of data and technology for its clients. According to Deepak Simon, Managing Director, Utegration India, “Our people employ a service-oriented mindset, demonstrating commitment to build and develop high-performing teams that deliver SAP utility technical, functional and business-related services. Given the current situation, we are working with our clients to strengthen their enterprise resiliency. The financial incentive announcement reflects our confidence in the sector at large, as well as our employees’ ability to successfully navigate the challenges.”

Amid the uncertainties, Utegration remains focused on its mission, as it has for the last 11 years: to ensure its clients are always ahead in their field. Its family of unique and highly trained individuals makes its clients’ success possible, and the company is delighted to reward their talent, integrity and dedication.